What are Side Flail Mowers?

Side flail mowers have “flails” or those bent metal pieces shaped into Y or T. These are connected to the rotating drum at the flail’s slim end. Every time the rotating drum turns, the flails also rotate at the rate that lets them rip through scrub and brush. The flails are separated throughout and across the drum to facilitate a cut that is more thoroughgoing.

Side flail mowers for a bush
You can angle flail mowers to trim shrubbery and bushes

The PTO drive is the one that drives and powers the drum running parallel to the ground. The cut material is kept below the mower for an additional length of time so that it can be shredded further. The finer clippings will be eventually distributed across the mower’s full width. This helps ensure that the clippings don’t pile and clump that can potentially kill re-growth and eventually leave the field with bare spots. 

Flail mowers are much better option for places with overgrown vines and brush with their design lowering the risks of injury due to flying debris.

Video: Where you can use a side flail mowers

A flail mower also works well when it comes to cutting brush and vines. It makes them the ideal choice for those areas that are not just grassy but at the same time, are overgrown with some other forms of vegetation. The design of flail mowers does an amazing job in mulching the things being cut to put the nutrients back to the soil. 

Aside from the fact that they are versatile, there are also side flail mowers that you can extend to the side and angle it in such a way to cut banks and ditches. Their linear design and cut also lowers the risks of having thrown debris. This makes flail mowers a great option to mower areas with woody material, rocks, litter, or anywhere there might be nearby people. It is also very simple to replace flail mowers if they ever get damaged.  

Why Use Flail Mowers?

Flail mowers offer more benefits compared to the traditional rotary mowers and they can also come in handy for specialized tasks. 

  • Since flails are often attached on a hinge instead of being stiff, these will easily bounce and deflect off of items like rocks. It means that these don’t break the debris or hurl it to the air. These also don’t warp or crack because of force. This means there is no need for you to replace or repair them all too often.  
  • When one flail gets broken, you just need to replace that one instead of the entire series. It is not expensive to buy separate flail heads so it is easier for you to maintain the flail. 
  • Similar to sickle mowers, you can angle flail mowers to trim shrubbery and bushes and cut banks.  It means that the flail mower is helpful for landscapers and maintenance departments that need flexibility from the individual attachment of the compact tractor.
  • Just like sickle mowers, side flail mowers don’t give up much when it comes to debris. This means that a flail mower can be useful for areas where the flying debris should be minimized. 
  • The sturdiness and volume of the flails combined with their rotational speed also means that they can handle even the most challenging scrub and brush. 

Side flail mowers are great investments for smallholders who want to maintain their land in a faster and more effective way possible.

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