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Top Slovenian Spas for a Pampering Experience

While the landscapes of Slovenia are outstanding, it is actually the Slovenian spas that often capture the attention and interest of many tourists and visitors of the country. And with the diverse and abundant range of thermal spas all over Slovenia, you can surely find the one that suits you best. 

Listed below are some of the top spas that are worth checking out the next time you find yourself wandering amidst the beautiful country of Slovenia:

Radenci Health Resort

Found in northeastern Slovenia, Radenci is a bioclimatic and thermal resort that offers relaxation while focusing on the improvement of health and wellbeing. This is also a centre for cardiovascular and rehabilitation patients. 

The resort has mineral baths, saunas, facial and body treatments, massage and pain relief therapies, Ayurvedic programs, and Kneipp baths. You can also soak in the outdoor and indoor pools, and many other exciting activities. 

spa and wellness centres in Slovenia
Slovenian spas capture the attention and interest of many tourists and visitors of the country.

Terme 3000 Spa 

Terme 3000 Spa is the most popular thermal destination in Slovenia located in Moravske Toplice in the Prekmurje region. The spa’s black thermal mineral water, known as black gold offers a lot of beneficial effects for both beauty and health although it is unsuitable for consumption. Some of its highlights include relaxation and spa programs, 28 pools, a wellness and medical centre, a Livada golf course, and a thermal park. 

Terme Čatež Spa

As one of the top Slovenian spas, this is an ideal place to be for relaxation with its various water attractions and a soothing environment with thermal outdoor and indoor pools. Whatever the season is, all of the spa’s pools and attractions are well-adapted. 

During winter, the largest indoor pool features toboggan, slides, whirlpools, and other exciting water adventures. Visitors can enjoy the outdoor pool in the summer as well as the Pirate’s Island and Formula race. 

Terme Zreče Spa

Nestled in the Pohorje mountains’ lush environment, this spot is the perfect spot not just for relaxation alone in the different facilities but also for those active holidays. 

Terme Zreče is located in a relaxing mountain climate.

The famous destination Rogla Ski Resort is just 30 minutes away from the space where you get the chance to bask in nature by cycling, walking, hiking, and skiing in winter. 

As one of the best Slovenian spas, it also provides natural healing through the mountain peat from the Pohorje woods, thermal water rich in calcium, volcanic mud fango, and a relaxing mountain climate. 

Some of the facilities they offer include outdoor and indoor swimming pools, Idyla spa and wellness centre, fitness, and a sauna village complete with Pohorje herbs. 

Thermana Laško

Rounding up the list of the best Slovenian spas is none other than Thermana Laško, found in a peaceful park in Laško, a town located just 10 kilometres from Celje. 

Laško’s thermal spring water is believed to have amazing healing effects, which is why this is used as the primary healing factor for the spa’s medical rehabilitation program. 

Some of the services you will surely love at Thermana Laško include saunas, pools, a medical centre, Ayurveda treatment, wellness programs, a department of rehabilitative care, and different therapies. The beer wellness pampering is something you should definitely try because this is an experience you can only find here. 

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