The kit for the perfect motocross rider

When starting out in any sport, it can be difficult to have a good understanding of what equipment you really need. And since we have been there, we too understand it perfectly. There are many products and motocross equipment is no exception.

If we want to make a comparison with other sports and examine the costs riding entails, they may seem excessive compared to those of the bike but we know that in any case, the motorbike, gasoline and spare parts still cost a lot of money. Motocross is a relatively expensive sport but that doesn’t mean having to settle for scarce equipment to save a little money. Indeed, we will see that quality helps us to save a lot.

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Motocross gear

If you have done an online inspection tour you will have realized that often, when we talk about motocross gear, even the cost of the clothing and protective equipment needed at the beginning can seem overwhelming.

What equipment do we really need for motocross and racing? Let’s try to create our little kit of essentials, together.

protective motorcross gear
It goes without saying that you can’t run motocross without a helmet.


It goes without saying that you can’t run without a helmet. Probably, a good helmet will be your most expensive piece of all but on this piece of motocross gear do not spare: it is the main protection in the event of a fall. Don’t buy cheap helmets from brands that don’t quality test. No brand worthy of its name will sell a helmet without the safety mark. Don’t trust the low cost.

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