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The Basics of VPS Hosting

Now, hosting might not be an easy topic for you to understand but its foundations can be quickly learned if you take the time to be familiar with them. If you are planning to opt for a VPS host but you are still unsure whether this is suitable for you needs or not, there are several basic things that you need to know first about this particular form of web hosting.  

Different Types of Virtual Private Server Hosting

There are basically two types of virtual private server hosting – managed and unmanaged VPS. 

Managed VPS

Website owners who have a smaller number of staff or have less technical acumen can take advantage of managed VSP. Through this form of hosting, the IT experts can handle some of the load for you as they keep your server running properly and take care of the virtual server on your behalf. Here are some of the things you can expect from these web hosting providers:

Automated backups 

You will be able to retrieve the earlier version of your site if ever something goes wrong with it.    

When trying to decide on the specific type of VPS hosting you will use, consider how hands-on you wish to be or if you can hire someone who can do most of the job on your behalf.

Initial server setup

During the launch of your website using VPS, several steps are involved for the server to be set up. These include installation of the server software, control panel, operating system, and applications. The managed host is the one who will take care of all of these. 


VPS hosts can monitor and keep track of the early warning signs of malicious attacks and hardware failure.  

Security patches

The core server software and security patches for the operating system are all installed and updated for you.  


All OS and application updates and the server’s continuous fine tuning will be done in your behalf.  

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