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Process of Buying a Property for Sale Slovenia

People who are currently planning to buy a property for sale Slovenia must complete the purchase process which involves several key steps. 

Professional experts can advise you about what to expect when buying a Slovenian property. Lawyers may also provide legal counseling and representation for the following steps involved:

Who Can Buy Property for Sale Slovenia?

Since Slovenia has already been part of the European Union ever since 2004, USA and EU citizens, and citizens of OECD countries are now allowed to buy Slovenian property without restrictions. You can also buy Slovenian properties through companies registered in the EU, OECD, or USA if ever you are not a citizen of the OECD/USA or EU. 

People who are currently planning to buy a property for sale Slovenia must complete the purchase process which involves several key steps. 


It is recommended that you research the different areas first before you make a purchase. Most research can be easily done online but you have to consider not only your preferred area but also what you want or expect from the property. 

Slovenia offers a lot of things so if you are a fan of skiing, you can consider properties near the resorts in Slovenia’s North West region. For those who love outdoor activities such as fishing, white-water rafting, hiking, or canoeing, the North Primorska area offers all of these, thanks to its location which is one of the country’s most beautiful regions. 

If you prefer to live in the city, Ljubljana, the Slovenian capital, is the best place where you can enjoy the perks of city life at its finest. But what matters here is that being a small country, it doesn’t matter what location you choose because it will only take you a few hours to get to areas that offer swimming, hiking, and skiing activities. You also have to consider if you prefer a new property or one that requires renovation. 

The Buying Process

Buying a property for sale Slovenia is thankfully an easy and straightforward process. After you have identified a property you want, make sure you check its legal status. You can also work with experts who can help you offer the right price and negotiate the purchase terms with the seller. 

The process of buying often takes one to two months. However, if the property has farming land, you can expect that the process will take a bit longer. It is also common to pay a deposit of 10% when you sign the contract. The rest of the terms, including the timings and payment of the overall purchase price, will be agreed upon based on the expectations of the seller and the buyer. 


The professional you are working with will gather the expected costs, which include the property’s potential management costs every month, the legal fees, as well as the commission of the real estate agency, which is often 1% and 4% of the final price agreed, which depends on the property, together with 20% VAT

Once all the paperwork and requirements are completed, an independent lawyer will produce the contract and officially translate it into your language. You can proceed to make the payment to complete the process of buying property for sale Slovenia. 

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