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Universal roof bars for cars are a type of accessory that allows you to carry bulky items, such as bikes, skis, surfboards, luggage and more, on the roof of your car. They consist of a pair of horizontal bars, usually made of aluminum or steel, which attach to the supports on the roof of the car.

Universal roof bars can be used on different types of cars

Roof bars are available in different shapes and sizes, depending on the user’s transport needs. Some roof bars are universal and can be used on different types of cars, while others are designed specifically for particular car models.

Typically, roof bars are used in conjunction with other accessories, such as bike racks, ski racks or roof racks, that attach to the roof bars to carry specific items.

Universal car roof bars Nordrive

Universal car roof bars are a useful option for anyone who needs to carry bulky items that cannot be stored inside the car. However, it is important to choose roof bars of high quality and suitable for your car model, to ensure the safety of your cargo and other road users.

Car roof bars are a versatile accessory that allow you to carry a variety of bulky items on your car roof. With the roof bars, it is possible to transport:

Luggage: Roof racks are often used to carry luggage or camping equipment while on vacation.

Bicycles: there are special supports for bicycles that can be fixed to the roof bars and allow bicycles to be transported in complete safety (roof car bike rack).

Roof car bike rack
Roof car bike rack is specially made for bicycles that can be fixed to the roof bars to transport bicycles.

Skis and snowboards: Ski and snowboard holders attach to the roof bars and allow these items to be transported safely and securely.

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