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Important Historical Maps in History

Are you looking for historical maps for your next travel? It has been part of human nature to be interested in and fascinated with the world since prehistoric times. Those paintings seen in caves and the markings on artifacts and bones that were once considered nothing but artistic representations were maps of routes, streams, hunting areas, and even the stars. This is what the latest investigations have revealed. 

Historical maps have played a crucial role

The oldest route ever recorded that still has solid evidence is a wall painting that stands at 9 feet. It was of a town plan discovered in 1963 that shows a volcano and buildings. It is dated 6100 to 6300 BC and found in Anatolia. 

maps of the world
The oldest maps of the world played a crucial role in the evolution of location.

There are also known early representations of routes and maps made on papyrus by the old Egyptians. However, because this surface type has a short life, there is not much evidence that these maps could survive today. 

Maps also often become more popular than the people who made them. Most cartographers only rose to fame because of their contributions to the science and art of cartography only after they had come up with a masterpiece. 

Meanwhile, those who have already become famous created equally renowned works for their time’s well-known explorers, nobility, and royalty. And then some made one famous map only to vanish from history forever. 

Although the cartographers of the bygone days didn’t use the phrase location intelligence, they already had a keen awareness of the intended purpose of their maps. More often than not, this purpose was as direct as showing the dimensions of an unknown city. There are also times when it was as controversial as divulging racial violence.

Top 10 ASTONISHING Historical Maps

Through the years, different historical maps have played a crucial role. Listed below in chronological order are some of the notable historical events in the field of mapmaking, together with some of the oldest maps in the world. These maps show that innovations in aesthetics and perspective data of a map significantly contributed to the complicated evolution of location intelligence through the centuries. 

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