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Highly Personalized Fabric Gifts

When it comes to pampering our customers, both for special occasions and as a leader during trade fairs, it is always useful to be able to leave a present that allows us to be remembered.

Promotional gifts are in fact an extremely simple but extremely effective marketing activity. In particular, in recent years, where environmental awareness is becoming stronger even within corporate ethics, promotional textiles are enjoying great success. Why? Because textiles last longer than a pen and above all because they allow very high customization and an excellent yield. In particular, there is a tendency to always choose between printing and embroidery, the two most popular options for promotional textiles.

This is a question we are commonly asked. Embroidery refers to clothing that has a pattern or logo sewn into the fabric. Printing occurs when a design or logo is printed directly on the garment.

Promotional Fabric Gifts: is it better to Print or Embroider Personalization?

Printing and embroidery both have their pros and cons. This short paragraph highlights the difference between the two methods to help you determine which one is right for you and for promotional gifts to your customers.

Print is often preferred for advertising or promotional uses.

Let’s Start with the Press

Print is often preferred for advertising or promotional uses. This is because it is low cost and can handle complicated design works much better than embroidery. Printing works well with larger designs and can handle bright colours better. It tends to resist much more than embroidery, which is why printing is used so often in advertising but also incorporates customization activities (uniforms and jacket patches). Print is mostly used for T-shirt graphics. A logo printed on a corporate garment is clean and is a smart way to be recognized when positioned correctly. Some people prefer printing to embroidery on low-weight T-shirts as the embroidery can pull the fabric causing micro-tears. Printed garments are often bought in bulk and are great value for money. In addition, hand-drawn or intricate designs are better suited for printing rather than embroidery, making them the best technique for high-quality personalization. It also lends itself well to small business gifts such as tote bags or canvas shoppers.

promotional gifts to your customers
Printing works well with larger designs and can handle bright colours better.

Embroidery is ideal for creating logos on a thicker garment or uniform, or in particular items such as polo shirts or sweaters. The embroideries on clothing are long-lasting and quite resistant. Embroidery can cost significantly more than traditional printing, however, the longevity makes it affordable in the long run. However, with larger designs, we recommend printing rather than embroidering. Not all designs are also suitable for embroidery and therefore you should take this into account. For best results, you’ll want to avoid strong shading and heavy use of complicated colour palettes.

Typical uses of Printing in Promotional Gifts

T-shirt printing for advertisement
A great way to help people identify your cause or organization.

T-shirt printing is ideal for promotional events. They are a great way to help people identify your cause or organization and to bring some home with them. Personalized clothing acts as a walking advertisement. T-shirt printing is low cost, so it is often bought in bulk. T-shirt printing is popular with businesses and charities. It is also commonly used for specific events such as corporate vacations or travel conferences. They are therefore excellent ways to run your graphics in dedicated events.

Typical uses of Embroidery for Promotional Gifts

As we have said, embroidery requires the use of high quality and thicker garments, such as a hoodie, polo or sweatshirt or fabric bags. This is because a thinner garment may pull the fabric when attempting to embroider. Typical use of embroidery is for smaller logos or designs. Many companies choose embroidery in their uniforms more than for promotional gifts. This is because the embroidery looks professional and gives the garment a firmer feel. The embroidery is long-lasting and does not fade with washing. For this reason, some argue that embroidery is much cheaper than printing but in the case of promotional gifts, our advice is to use this technique for small items such as patches or textiles that wash often such as tote bags.

Personalised t-shirts
Personalized clothing acts as a walking advertisement.

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