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Consider These Factors When Selecting Eyeglass Frames Ladies

It doesn’t take much of an expertise in fashion to find eyeglass frames ladies that will look best on you. Here are some tips to help you find the perfect frames that suit your style.

Skin Tone 

Yes, your skin tone can help you determine the frames that will look best on you. More decisive than the color of you eyes and more important than the color of your hair, your skin tone will set the tone for those high fashion frames. Pick a shade closest to the tone of your skin:

Eyeglass frames ladies
Your skin tone will set the tone for eyeglass frames ladies

Cool Skin Tone 

Your complexion is cool if your skin has blue or pink undertones. Stay away from colors that will wash you out. Instead, opt for frames in black, blue, dark tortoise, gray, mauve, pink, purple, and silver colors. 

Warm Skin Tone 

You have a warm complexion if your skin has a golden, bronze, or yellow cast. It is best to avoid contrasting colors like pastels. Black and white frames are also unflattering. Instead, the right colors for eyeglass frames ladies include beige, olive green, honey or gold, light tortoise, and brown shades. 

Face Shape 

Do you have a heart, diamond, square, oval, or round-shaped face? Your face shape can help you identify the frames that will compliment you the most.

How to easily find your face shape and pick the right eyeglass frames ladies

Diamond Face

Choose eyeglass frames that are wider than your cheekbones or sweep up, like oval frames or cat eyeglasses. These frames will highlight your delicate features and cheekbones. Avoid narrow and boxy frames that will only accentuate your cheeks’ width, drawing more attention to instead of enhancing your narrow features. 

Heart-Shaped Face 

The ideal choice are frames that can balance the narrow chin and wide forehead. Eyeglasses with bottom heavy frame lines and low set temples will make the narrower part of the face seem wider. Square glasses with curved edges or round eyeglasses will draw away attention from the high and broad forehead. 

Oval Face

Eyeglass frames ladies suitable for people with oval face feature a strong bridge with geometric shape, and wider than your face’s broadest portion. The natural symmetry and balance of your oval face will be easily overthrown if you use overlarge eyeglasses that cove more than half of the face. 

Round Face

Rectangular or square eyeglass frames have the tendency to be wider than a round face. It is this quality that helps enhance your face as it makes it seem longer and slimmer that can add balance to the round features. Small frames, round frames, and rimless frames will only emphasize the roundness, making an already round face look much rounder. 

Square Face 

Square faces will look best with eyeglasses that can soften the angularity, sitting high on the nose bridge. Round or oval eyeglasses that can add a thinner appearance and balance a square face’s angles. Boxy and angular eyeglass frames ladies will draw attention and sharpen the angular features and make a square face seem bulky. 

The secret to finding the right eyeglass frames ladies is to always keep in mind that opposites attract. Choose glasses that contrast from the contours of your face and bring balance and symmetry to your most prominent features.

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