Computer and Technology

Computer and Technology

Different Methods to Recover Files from Hard Drive

The hard drive of your Windows PC stores and retrieves data. Hard drives are electro-mechanical storage devices that keep data in blocks and sectors on a rotating platter with a magnetic material surface. The data is randomly retrieved through the read-write magnetic head. Knowing how to recover files from a hard drive is critical to preventing unwanted loss of pertinent data.  …

Computer and Technology

How to Clean Your Gaming Computer

Your gaming computer is turned on for long hours if you are an avid PC gamer. But did you know that dirt and dust can slow down your gaming PC?

Once dust accumulates and gathers on the components, your gaming PC may be prone to heating up quickly. This can slow down the process and affect its performance in general. This is why you need to regularly and diligently clean your gaming PC to improve not only its performance but also its overall lifespan.

Here is a quick guide for cleaning your gaming PC:…

Computer and Technology

Secure Your Private Cloud Hosting and Say Goodbye to Worries

Security is no doubt one of the leading benefits of private cloud hosting that gives it an edge over public clouds. However, this will only be possible if this is correctly implemented.  

Access Control

Your cloud’s access control should be in the hands of your cloud admin, business department head, project member, and project admin. They are the ones who will use the Server-side authentication t o gain access control of your private cloud.…

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The Basics of VPS Hosting

Now, hosting might not be an easy topic for you to understand but its foundations can be quickly learned if you take the time to be familiar with them. If you are planning to opt for a VPS host but you are still unsure whether this is suitable for you needs or not, there are several basic things that you need to know first about this particular form of web hosting.  …

Computer and Technology

Improve Your SEO

Most business owners do not know much about how to go about ranking their websites, as most do not have a strong foundation in SEO. To better understand how to improve your SEO, learners will leave behind content, analyze SEO content, and then write content that gets an SEO boost. Crawl the internet and analyze what keywords are being used. Use Ahrefs SEO Hub or Keyword Surfer for a free SEO keyword analysis. …