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Functions of V-Belt and Other Types of Belts in Your Car

If you care to take a look and check under the hood of your car, you will see all kinds of belts there. While an average person might be familiar with the functions of one or two of these vehicle belts, such as the V-belt, it is only understandable that many people don’t know their exact functions. 

One of your main responsibilities as a vehicle owner is preventative maintenance. The key idea here is to always stay on top of your automatic repair and service needs, solving problems preemptively before they turn into bigger and more serious issues. 

One …

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Different Methods of Weighing Your Beehive

Weighing your beehive is the best way for you to get an idea of the number of bees inside and how the colony’s production is coming along. The only concern here is that taking out the frames of your hive to check them will not just take effort and time. It can also cause stress for you and your bees alike. 

If you need or want to weigh your beehives, below are a few methods that beekeepers do:…

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How Do You Use an Oxalic Acid Evaporator?

Oxalic acid is considered a very effective method for controlling the presence of varroa mites in honeybee colonies. Beekeepers who are using this method of mite control can choose between two application options: fogging and vaporization. Vaporization using an oxalic acid evaporator is the most preferred method since it spreads the acid to the different parts of the hive, even inside uncapped cells. …


One of the engine components that you simply must understand

Describe a fuel pump.

A crucial component of your car’s mechanical system, the fuel pump transports petrol from the tank via the fuel system to the engine. The gasoline burns inside the cylinders after passing through a fuel filter in the injectors during this procedure.
Gasoline would not be able to reach the engine without a pump, and the pistons would be ineffective if there was not enough fuel to power the transmission.
On newer cars with electronic fuel injection systems (which need higher fuel pressure), fuel pumps are utilized instead of the plungers or diaphragms that mechanical fuel pumps …


Keep your car safe in case of hail

Can car covers protect against hail damage?

The power of Mother Nature is never surprising. And the fact that it can damage our property, including our cars, is not something to be underestimated. Winter weather can have an extremely negative impact on our vehicles, especially when it comes to hail, which is basically made up of circular pieces of solid ice falling from the sky at absurd speeds. Obviously, the best way to avoid hail damage to your car is to park it inside, but this is not possible for everyone so many of us has to find other ways …

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The comprehensive guide to pressure washers

A pressure washer is a powerful cleaning tool that can make short work of even the toughest cleaning jobs. But before you can start pressure washing, you need to understand how to use a pressure washer safely and effectively.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll show you everything you need to know about pressure washers, from choosing the right model for your needs to learning how to operate it properly. We’ll also provide some tips and tricks for getting the most out of your pressure washer.…

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Different Methods to Recover Files from Hard Drive

The hard drive of your Windows PC stores and retrieves data. Hard drives are electro-mechanical storage devices that keep data in blocks and sectors on a rotating platter with a magnetic material surface. The data is randomly retrieved through the read-write magnetic head. Knowing how to recover files from a hard drive is critical to preventing unwanted loss of pertinent data.  …

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Pitfalls to Avoid When Buying Mattresses

Mattresses are not made equal. A single mistake can easily turn your sweet dreams into a complete nightmare. And as everyone knows, quality sleep is very important if you want to function at your best the next morning.

Whether this is your first time buying a mattress or you are planning to ditch your old one for something newer, make sure you don’t commit the following mistakes. …

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How to Clean Your Gaming Computer

Your gaming computer is turned on for long hours if you are an avid PC gamer. But did you know that dirt and dust can slow down your gaming PC?

Once dust accumulates and gathers on the components, your gaming PC may be prone to heating up quickly. This can slow down the process and affect its performance in general. This is why you need to regularly and diligently clean your gaming PC to improve not only its performance but also its overall lifespan.

Here is a quick guide for cleaning your gaming PC:…

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