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Are weddings in Croatia expensive?

When it comes to weddings in Croatia, the expenses can vary significantly. The cost of a wedding in this beautiful land of a thousand islands depends on various factors, including the size of your guest list and the specific time of year you’ve chosen for your special day.

One of the major expenses to consider is the wedding venue itself. Croatia offers a diverse range of venues, from historic castles and charming vineyards to stunning coastal locations. The price tag for these venues can fluctuate quite a bit. On average, you can anticipate spending approximately 50 to 175 euros per person to cover the cost of meals and drinks. This range takes into account varying levels of luxury and catering options that you might choose for your celebration.

Additionally, rental fees for wedding venues can also play a significant role in your overall budget. Depending on the type of venue and its exclusivity, you might find rental fees ranging anywhere from 500 to 4,500 euros. It’s important to factor in these fees as they can contribute to a substantial portion of your wedding expenses.

A chapter of love written in charming script. Photo: Vanessa Tivadar Photography

Charming Old Town Delights in Zadar

Zadar, one of Croatia’s oldest settlements, exudes a captivating charm that enchants all who enter its historic Old Town. From the grandeur of Crvena Luka to the serene beauty of the Island of Pag and Vir, Zadar offers an array of wedding venues. Whether you opt for an opulent estate or the glistening Adriatic Sea as your backdrop, your special day will be imbued with magic and memories that linger forever.

Intimate Island Escape on Vis

For a more secluded and intimate wedding in Croatia, the island of Vis beckons. Unspoiled and less crowded than its counterparts, Vis offers tranquility amidst stunning landscapes, lush gardens, and the azure coastline. Here, your closest family and friends can bask in the beauty of the Croatian scenery while celebrating your love in peace.

A Fairytale Haven on Brac Island

Fulfill your fairytale dreams on Brac, the illustrious Croatian island. With historic edifices and an abundance of rustic-themed venues, Brac provides an enchanting backdrop for your dream destination wedding. Exchange vows against the backdrop of the Adriatic’s cerulean waters, and dance beneath the stars, crafting an atmosphere of love and relaxation that lingers in hearts forever.

Sibenik’s Rustic Elegance and Natural Beauty

Sibenik stands as the only Croatian city adorned with two UNESCO World Heritage Sites and embraced by two National Parks, Krka and Kornati. Its renowned wineries and ethnographic villages add to its allure. Sibenik’s rustic and intimate wedding venues offer a unique setting, ideal for couples seeking a deeply meaningful celebration surrounded by history and natural beauty.

Luxury Elegance Amidst Croatia’s Splendor

Croatia presents a luxurious haven for destination weddings, catering to diverse preferences. Whether you envision a castle, a private estate, or a traditional church, the country’s beauty and climate provide an enchanting canvas. With its breathtaking landscapes and glorious weather, Croatia sets the stage for a momentous declaration of love.

Villa Charms for Intimate Celebrations

Croatia’s array of villas and private estates serve as idyllic settings for intimate destination weddings. These venues are perfect for smaller wedding parties, offering a sense of privacy and exclusivity. Couples seeking an intimate ambiance will find solace in these charming hideaways, where love blooms against a backdrop of elegant beauty.

Istria’s Vineyard Romance and Natural Splendors

Istria, famed as the land of vineyards, boasts romantic and rustic wedding venues that enchant the heart. From Rovinj to the Red Island and Porec area, Istria’s beauty is unparalleled. Embrace the lush pinewoods and unspoiled nature for an outdoor wedding imbued with breathtaking Adriatic views. Istria’s historical and romantic venues cater to weddings of all sizes, ensuring a captivating celebration of love.

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